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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that isn't covered here, feel free to get in touch. Please make sure you've read everything throroughtly before contacting me, any messages asking questions that are covered here will be ignored. It shows a lack of respect if you're not willing to read the information I've spent time putting together for you.


What Services do you provide?

There's an extensive 'likes' list on my AW page that gives you more information about what I offer. I prefer not to list them here as it feels like a menu. Please be aware that I don't offer submissive style meets at all. If you're looking for something rough, then I will decline your booking. These experiences are all about enjoyment for me (as well as you) so theres no point in me offering something I don't enjoy on a personal level.

What do you enjoy/what can I expect?

One of my favourite things is creating memories that will last a lifetime & providing an authentic experience that will my mutually enjoyable. I'm pretty laid back & prefer a more sensual meet rather than strict BDSM or PSE styled encounters. My main requirements are respect and being able to hold a decent conversation. Honestly, I don't bite & I see a lot of 'newbies' who are always put at ease almost instantly. 

Why do I need to pay a deposit & how is it paid?

A deposit is required for all appointments, even for my regular clients and is typically 30% of the booking cost. It can be paid via bank transfer (UK business account) amazon UK Gift Cards or Honey Birdette Vouchers. This is to ensure you're not a time waster & have the intention of going through with our booking. My calendar is very busy between shooting, my events company & touring, so I need to carefully plan & ensure my time is compensated for no shows. 

What happens if I need to change our booking or cancel?

Once a deposit is paid you can rearrange for another date ONE time, I require 36 hours notice to change appointments but please be aware due to my busy schedule rebooking for the next day or same week at this late notice may not be possible. If you need to cancel our appointment completely you will loose your deposit. If you no show/ghost after a deposit is paid you will be blacklised & blocked. Cancellations with less than 36 hours notice will require at least 50% of the original booking cost to be paid. Same day cancellations require payment in full.

Buy paying your deposit, you agree to the above terms.

What happens if you cancel?

In the unlikely event that I need to cancel our booking due to illness/emergencies, your deposit WILL be fully refunded within 3 working days via bank transfer. 

After booking with you, if any communication from you makes me feel uncomfortable or unsafe I reserve the right to cancel at any time. Your deposit will be returned as soon as I obtain your bank details to send it back. 

Do you see couples, and solo women?

Yes, absolutely! I have a selection of regular couples clients who I love seeing. It's important for me to speak to both parties on the phone to avoid any unwanted surprises! I'm bisexual & love to please a woman & offer something that you can both enjoy! As well as seeing solo ladies too!

Do you offer just dinner rates?

I do offer a dinner rate, which starts at £300 pus travel & dinner (of course) - this is limited to London only. It's a good way to get to know each other if you're unsure about making a full booking with me. Please email to enquire. 

What's your favourite drink/cuisine?

Im a big fan of cocktail bars & English sparkling wine! When it comes to food I love trying new things, tasting menus are a favourite of mine (paired with wines)! Seafood & steak is defiolithneky the way to my heart! The only things I don't enjoy is spicy food & whiskey.

Can I get a discount?

Absolutely NOT. Its incredibly offensive to ask for a discount for my services. Anyone doing so will be instantly blacklisted & blocked immediately. I also do NOT offer student/forces/any other kind of discount. 

What kind of clients do you see?

Anyone from any ethnic background, as long as they are respectful & hygienic. 

You must be over 21 to book me & I will ask for ID to be provided if you’re under 25. 

Have no upper age limit & have a few regular clients in their 70’s+ who I enjoy social/dinner appointments with on a regular basis. 

Do you do bareback?

Under NO circumstances do I offer unprotected sex!! Anyone asking for this will be blacklisted & blocked.  

If you ask for this during our time together I will terminate the appointment immediately with no refund given & you will be blacklisted/blocked.  

My health is incredibly important to me (& it should be to you too!) & no amount of money will change my mind on this. 

Can I film our meet?

I’m happy for some private parts of our encounter to be filmed, it’s nice for you to have something to look back on. 

There is an extra charge if you would like to film some clips for your personal collection. 

Filming the entire thing is not a practical option & the clips you are allowed to take are for private use only & NOT for public release. 

Anyone found uploading these clips online will be reported to the police under the revenge porn laws. 

Do you accept gifts?

Of course gifts are welcome! I find arriving to a cold (unopened) bottle of bubbly a great way to break the ice together over a chat & drink together. 

English sparkling wine is my usual favourite but I also enjoy champagne & Prosecco. 

Chocolates, perfume (Hermes/bulgari) latex/clothing vouchers (Libidex, Atsukokudo, Honey Birdette) are all appreciated. 

Do you offer anal and/or strap on?

I only offer anal play on me if we have met once before already - this is not an option for a first meeting. Do not ask for this on a first meet when messaging. 

If we have met already & you’d like to enquire about this, do let me know. There is an extra charge for anal on me. 

I am very experienced in strap on play/pegging & have an array of sizes & toys I can bring to use on you. 

I love giving people new experiences, so if it’s something you’re looking to try safely, I’m your woman! 

It’s important that you’re clean beforehand (I can send you info on douching) and this needs to be pre arranged so I can make sure I have my naughty bag packed correctly! 

Can I request an outfit?

If it’s something you’ve seen me in before via my social media or films, then absolutely! Just send me a link/photo of what you have in mind, if it’s in my personal wardrobe I’ll do my best to accommodate your request. 

However if we are in public for drinks etc I will not be wearing any requests that are too risqué/exposing. 

I have lots of classy lingerie & latex in my wardrobe & love wearing both - wearing something naughty underneath a dress that you can reveal in the bedroom is a great pleasure… you can unwrap the layers like a gift! 

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